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Rants & Raves: Analogue thoughts on the digital stage_

Serato & Ableton Colab!

[Image courtesy of satcheldog88]

Wow! If anyone else is as much of a fan as we are here of Ableton Live and Serato then this little snippet of news is pretty much gonna make your life:

Create Digital Music reported today about a creative collaboration between the two companies who both take different approaches to DJing and Music performance. Serato with their MP3 reading vinyl and Ableton with their hugely successful software “Live” which has taken DJing and Music performance to previously unchartered levels. Only goodness can come from this collaboration and we are very excited to find out what it is exactly, these two companies have up their sleeves.

Speculation from the Create Digital Music Crew is that Ableton will feature some sort of viewable Serato deck inside their currently clean and crisp layout, something that hasn’t been possible before. However, concerns lie with how keen Ableton fans will be to uptake this sort of implementation and likewise Serato fans perhaps not so happy about having to learn Ableton too. Both products have particular audiences that they appeal too; Serato more towards scratch DJ’s who want the control of vinyl at their fingertips and Ableton which is primarily aimed at those performers who prefer to have re-mixable clips a plenty at their disposable for quick edits.

Nonetheless, this is all purely speculation at the moment, but we do however look forward to this massively anticipated collaboration.


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