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Mnuvrs Mixtape [20]: The C90s

[Artwork courtesy of Dood]

Well the Summer is drawing to an end and arguably in some people’s eyes is over. Kids are heading back to school and the University terms beckon. But we’re not quite done here at Mnuvrs. We believe there is one last chance to embrace the last of the good weather, the longer than average evenings and the Disco Beats that have been drowning our airwaves for the last 6 months. And thankfully THE C90S have come to our rescue.

“Formed over a mutual appreciation of disco beats, handclaps, cowbells, and vocoders, Jamie Paterson and Danny Ashenden are The C90s, two DJs who have rocked floors over the UK and Europe for the last two years.”

A mixtape which begins in epic fashion utlising the Martin N edit of Stings classic Englishman in New York, this only sets the presidence for the tunes to come. Echoed vocals, excessive snare drums, sexy synths and funky basslines make this an entry to the Mnuvrs Mixtape Vault to remember. With a tracklist containing absolute Space Disco pleasure from the likes of the sublime Sebastian Tellier, Ray Parker Jr, Who Made Who as well as a man who has been utterly relentless this summer; Juan Maclean.

But thats not all. The mixtape provided by the C90s also contains the perfect showcase of their own unique work; Headman – Dirt (The C90s Remix) and their version of the epic Cut Copy – Hearts on Fire (The C90s Remix). Both tunes that could define the summer past for us here at Mnuvrs. This mix is simply brilliant in removing any sense of The End as far as the Summer is concerned and succeeds brilliantly in rekindling that party spirit. May the disco burn on.

“Based in London, the duo have been working hard, providing remixes for the likes of Cut Copy, Headman and Tronik Youth. The C90s are now concentrating on producing their second single, the first due to be released on Relish Recordings very soon.”

The C90s

The C90s on MySpace
The C90s on Facebook
Relish Recordings

Sting – Englishman In New York (Martin N Edit)
Marvin Gaye – Heavy Love Affair (The Revenge Rework)
Rainbow Team – Dreaming
Special Disco Version – Feels So Good
Mary Clark – Take Me I’m Yours (Dimitri From Paris Edit)
Vicky D – This Beat Is Mine
Ray Parker Jr – Still In The Groove
T&T – Don’t Stop
Who Made Who – The Plot (Discodeine Dub)
Juan Maclean – No Time
Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Track Remix)
Headman – Dirt (The C90s Remix)
Vincent Montana Jr. feat. Goody Goody – It Looks Like Love (Dim’s Compiled Edit)
Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (The C90s Remix)
Marius – Disco Drummer (Pete Herbert Remix)
The Emperor Machine – You Clapper
Doves – Kingdom Of Rust (Sill Going Remix)
Kris Menace – Metropolis (Serge Santiago Italo Boot Edit)
Phil Collins – I’m Not Moving (Idjut Boys Edit)

Mnuvrs Mixtape [20]: The C90s (Mp3)

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